Mining NYC (New York Coin) – NRmine has its first entire rig running and sold

NRmine has built its first entire New York Coin mining rig. It’s running and about to be sold out (10/12 GPU sold). You can start Mining NYC (New York Coin) now.
Mining NYC

Why not Litecoin rather than New York Coin?

We believe there is a stronger potential for growth to New York Coin. Litecoin’s mining difficulty is hard and New York Coin are spreading all over New York retailers as a payment gateway.

Back in October, the market capitalization of NewYorkCoin (NYC) sat at around $350,000. Fast forward to the start of 2018 and the same coin has a market capitalization of more than $18 million.

This Week (Ending Sunday Jan 7 2018), NYC jumped by more than 200%!! With a growing community of support and the above-mentioned catalysts in the near-term pipeline, the action we are seeing now could be just the beginning of this surge.
Check this Fintechlist article by Samuel Rae:

Mining NYC (New York Coin)

We are about to offer 2 new products for New York coin: the small Hashrate (48HS) at 45€ and a full rig including 12 GPU.

Find here below our currently available products for New York Coin Mining:

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