What to Mine Today? Sunday January 14 2018

To determine what to mine today at NRmine, we are constantly watch the Mining indicators to evaluate what Alt Currencies to mine in our facilities. For this task, we use the site WhatToMine.com as well as other indicators like Google Trends.

What to Mine Today, Sunday January 14 2018

Though we favor ZEC on the long rung, it seems that the forked curreny HUSH is currently beating the market. 1 euro invested will return 1.3 euro at the current energy price we get from Solar and Water.

At NRmine, we will NOT change the mining currency on the Customers rigs unless warned. Our ZEC Cloud Mining products. We will though modify the currency mined by our internal rigs.

Hush is the first cryptocurrency offering zkSNARK (upstream Zcash 1.0.13 build), TLS (secure nodes), TOR nodes and bitcore making it the most secure and advanced privacy coin ever created!

Hush is an open source project to its strength, and is motivated solely by the interests and activities of the community at large. It is one of the first coins to be traded on BarterDex and strongly supports decentralized exchanges.

What to Mine Today

Mining Graphic Cards prices are still putting us under pressure

We had to increase prices this week for new customers. We’re still cheaper than our main competitors though since we have the best cost for energy and we arbitrage what to mine today.


ZEC Contract

430 MH/s for 24 months

ok try them
Zcash Cloud Mining


ZEC Contract

430 MH/s for 24 months

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ZEC Contract

430 MH/s for 24 months

ok try them

We are still way cheaper than Home Mining

Cloud Mining

Mining Yourself

Cloud Mining Zcash at NRmine

While keeping an eye over the 46 main Alt Coins, we are now focusing on Zcash mining due to the Return On Investment associated. Right now, we can expect 30%+ interest on the Zcash produced. With our Hardware price and the low cost of our energy, we can count on a faster payback for ouur rigs.

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