Zcash Cloud Mining video by NRmine

Check out our New York Coin and Zcash Cloud Mining video made for NRmine by the video company Whooosh. It will help you understand how our Renewable Cloud Mining works.

Zcash Cloud Mining video

This video shows you how we do to keep it cheaper than our main competitors though since we have the best cost for energy and we arbitrage what to mine today.


ZEC Contract

430 MH/s for 24 months

ok try them
Zcash Cloud Mining


ZEC Contract

430 MH/s for 24 months

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ZEC Contract

430 MH/s for 24 months

ok try them

We are still way cheaper than Home Mining

Cloud Mining

Mining Yourself

Cloud Mining Zcash at NRmine

While keeping an eye over the 46 main Alt Coins, we are now focusing on Zcash mining due to the Return On Investment associated. Right now, we can expect a very tiny profit on the Zcash produced. With our Hardware price and the low cost of our energy, we still can count on a faster payback for our rigs.

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