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Frequently Asked Questions

My Payout and how to get it

How do I find the Zcash I generated so far

We are still working on the Account Dashboard. Until it’s ready to show live data, you will get a weekly email. You still can ask us anytime what your Balance is at the email [email protected].

What if your Cloud Mining rig is down? Do I still get the expected Zcash?

As we are still working out our IT infrastructure, there could be time where the system is down. But don’t get scared: we are covering those hours by using a few of our fellow competitors to generate Zcash when we are down.

Legal Questions related to Cloud Mining

Is it legal to mine with you?

Yes it is. You will even get a VAT invoice from a regulated hosting company in Belgium. You can check our Terms & Conditions.

Buying in a 24 months Lease

What kind of Payment instruments can I use?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express payment cards are accepted at Payments via PayPal and Bitcoin or other Alt Currencies are also accepted.

Do I need to register my details and create an account to place an order?

You can place your order directly without registering on the “My Account” area. By registering, you benefit from many advantages: exclusive offers, privilege gifts, product news, tracking and history of your orders… Moreover, by saving your shipping and billing addresses in your profile, you will be able to validate and pay your order faster.

Is online payment secure?

Payments on are totally secure. Your bank details are encrypted in SSL mode and are never kept or stored on the site.

When is my payment processed?

As soon as your payment has been validated, your bank will issue an authorisation. However, your bank account will be debited every month following the leasing formula you have picked.

When do I start receiving the coins generated by my lease?

Your part of the rig will start mining at midnight following your order. So if you ordered a GPU on the 2nd of January, you will start accumulating coins from January 3rd.

How do NRmine make money?

How does NRmine make a living?

We take a Markup on the Rig Machine, on the Energy we purchase from Producer and we also take a small fee on Payout transfers to your wallet.

How come is Cloud Mining cheaper?

We have why we found Cloud Mining cheaper than Self made Mining rigs in a post, 

If mining NYC, ZEC, BTC, ETH is profitable, why don’t you keep the profit for you?

We do hope that mining cryptocurrency is profitable. We keep a part of the shared rig for us and you’re helping us to mitigate our investment risk. We also need you to grow our Mining facilities as big as they could be.