The Zcash Mining rig USANHZC0001 is located at an undisclosed location in Manchester, New Hampshire. It has been built around a personal business experiment of an IT services company. This recycled prototype was built around 12 GeForce 1060 cards and we’ll leave it that way.

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USANHZC0001 History

The USANHZC0001 Zcash mining rig (check out the wiki definition of a Mining Rig) has been mounted for R&D purpose by 2 researchers.

The purpose of the original rig was to mine Zcash in order to gather enough Zcash to make it profitable despite the high cost of New Hampshire energy. As the project was not awarded with any funding, they did a Data analysis that shown that mining was profitable, even in Belgium.

In December 2017, this mining rig has been removed from its original server room to be plugged to an existing solar energy source between Manchester and Conchord.

USANHZC0001 Stats

Hashrate: 250/gpu (total 3000 for the entire Rig)

Current Zcash generated since acquired by NRmine: 3.1287 (As Of 10 DEC 2017)
Top Daily Zcash: 0.025
Lowest Daily Zcash: 0.013
Last 24 hours Zcash: 0.024

* Why don’t we give away the exact location?

For security reasons, we do not disclose the exact location of our mining rigs. We are operating several mining stations that are located in Europe, America and Israel. We chose the locations based on electricity cost and the availability of cooling. Since our hosts are providing energy to our rigs, they want to make sure they’re not found easily.